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Revolution Fitness Academy. RFA


The only Fitness Academy in Navi Mumbai, We aim to provide Fitness Education and build successful Careers in the ever growing fitness industry, which offers you health , wealth and job satisfaction all in one go. We have the most comprehensive courses with unmatched flexibility in teaching and industry leading scientific training in the most simple possible way , we aim to provide fitness education at the most affordable fees along with lifetime placement assistance so you never run out of options, we also take pride in offering a wide array of services which competitive athletes and gyms require in todays time.

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Some special words from our student Ashish... Appreciation to team RFA
Some special words from our student Ashish... Appreciation to team RFA
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General and Personal Training Course
General and Personal Training Course INR 20000 INR 20000 This course covers up the fundamentals of training , we aim at making you a complete package for the Fitness Industry, We teach hard scientific facts in the simplest possible way keeping every students individual requirements in mind. We offer unmatched timing and content flexibility keeping in mind that students learn best when their convenience is kept in mind. The course dives deep into exercise sciences covering all forms of Resistance training , Flexibility training, Cardiovascular training and Basics of first aid required for a fitness professional. Our unique content also covers up grooming and management lectures which allow you to appear and market yourself as a true fitness professional. Our training will give you an edge over others in the field. The course includes 3 months of theory lectures and one month of intense hands on practicals conducted by our master trainers who have taught professional athletes and demo sessions by National Gold Medallists . We also offer the course in regional language batches. True 1522219084
Special Popuation Trainers Course
Special Popuation Trainers Course INR 25000 INR 25000 A highly specialised course which teaches fitness professionals to deal with people with highly specialised requirements , history of health conditions , people currently suffering form health conditions or at a high risk of a disease, the course deals with a wide array of health conditions and how to structure training programs and take precautionary measures for special population clients. The course isn't limited only to the topics included in our usual syllabus but we also arrange special lectures on demand by students if they have special health condition not included in our syllabus. The course guarantees success in the fitness industry as there is a very large number of people who fall into special population category and this course gives you the right knowledge to train them. The lecturing team includes practising healthcare professionals so we can give the best special population course anyone has to offer. True 1523090760
General and Sports Nutrition Certification
General and Sports Nutrition Certification INR 23000 INR 23000 A certification course covering the science of nutrition in the simplest possible way allowing you to construct nutrition programs for both exercising and non exercising individuals, learn how to make fat loss diet programs and gaining diet programs , with dedicated lectures on supplementation and performance enhancements, weather you are looking to build a career or simply want to gain insight in nutrition sciences this course is for you, in todays time there is great demand for people with an understanding of nutrition and especially according to your exercise , the crowd lacks such understanding which can clearly be seen by the no of fit people around us vs the number of people who want to be fit. The course is simplified so that anyone can grasp the information we teach. True 1523091928
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Hiranandani Crystal Plaza Shop, Kharghar, No 26 First Floor Sector7
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