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Special Popuation Trainers Course INR   25000 INR  25000

Special Popuation Trainers Course

A highly specialised course which teaches fitness professionals to deal with people with highly specialised requirements , history of health conditions , people currently suffering form health conditions or at a high risk of a disease, the course deals with a wide array of health conditions and how to structure training programs and take precautionary measures for special population clients. The course isn't limited only to the topics included in our usual syllabus but we also arrange special lectures on demand by students if they have special health condition not included in our syllabus. The course guarantees success in the fitness industry as there is a very large number of people who fall into special population category and this course gives you the right knowledge to train them. The lecturing team includes practising healthcare professionals so we can give the best special population course anyone has to offer.

INR 25000 INR 25000


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